Study Feasibility
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Study Feasibility

Study Feasibility

Conducting clinical study feasibility is both an art and science. The science comes from the disease area, study design, types of patients etc. The art comes from collation and reliance on the information as well as presenting the real information.

A properly designed and executed feasibility study can provide a comprehensive assessment of a clinical study’s specific challenges as well as strategies to mitigate risks before start-up activities begin.

Our aim is to work directly with our clients to design a feasibility study appropriately tailored to the needs of the planned clinical study or program.
Following the conduct of the feasibility study, we provide a detailed report to our customers providing them with the feasibility results and giving recommendations on:

  • Viability of the project
  • Countries where to conduct the study
  • Recommended sites to collaborate with
  • Investigators to collaborate with
  • Potential need for protocol review
  • Estimation about the recruitment rate
  • Estimation about study start-up and delays for approvals

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